Why Add a Podcast to Your Content-Marketing Strategy?

In this digital era, podcasts are emerging as a booming digital technology, and it has been gaining immense popularity. Podcasts are no longer just for recreation for the creatives and those who love to share their two cents on any subject matter.

This technology has evolved as one of the most prominent content formats these days. According to reports, more than 100 million Americans listened to the podcasts for the first time every month in 2020. The demand for podcasts is growing every day, and more businesses have started to incorporate this technology into their content marketing strategy.

Podcast shows are continuously evolving with time, and more and more content and brand marketers are considering this technology to market their content on digital platforms. Why is it so? Because podcast shows are an eminent way of advertising your content on various platforms, thousands of listeners listen to them daily.

Podcasts stimulate the interest of the target audience in your brand and products. Most people get to know about your brand through podcasts. It drives a high level of user engagement in your website and helps in building loyal audiences.

Another advantage of podcasts is that they can be easily repurposed into video assets or a written transcript for the target customers. Podcasts can simultaneously work with other forms of content to create a robust content marketing strategy and incorporate it into your business.

A podcast is a crucial component of a well-developed content marketing strategy. Instead of isolating your audio marketing content from other strategies, you should simultaneously use all your brand marketing content to achieve your goals.

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In this blog, we will explore why it is essential to incorporate a podcast show into your content marketing strategies. Let’s dive straight into it.

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What is a Podcast show?

A podcast refers to a series of episodes of digital audio files hosted by a company or a person. In this show, the host and guest speakers share their views on a particular theme or topic. Nowadays, many entrepreneurs and CEOs have taken note of this technology to add it to their content marketing strategy.

It helps in stimulating the interest of your target audience in your business. It helps build a personal connection with your audience, and they feel like you are in direct conversation with them. A podcast is a medium to communicate with your potential customers and speak up about your brand.

Through podcast shows, you can increase awareness about your brand and ensure your presence in the competitive digital market.

What are the benefits of incorporating a podcast into your content marketing strategy?

You don’t need much to start your podcast

Back to those vintage times of Radio, when you needed to buy expensive equipment and an up-to-the-minute studio to compete with the top radio broadcasters in the business. Luckily, we are born in this digital era, where you don’t have to put in much effort, especially when creating a podcast episode. Podcasts are a cheap and inexpensive content format and can be set up quickly.

You don’t have to spend. You just need a high-quality microphone and good recording software, that’s all. That’s why it is a natural fit to add to your content marketing strategy. Once you are done with completing your equipment, then the next step is to decide your podcast format, such as

§  Which format would be most suitable for your podcast?

§  How long will be the length of your podcast episode?

§  How many episodes will you record and release in a week?

After deciding it all, you are good to go with recording your podcast episode. You need a podcast hosting company to distribute your podcast episodes to multiple platforms such as Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, and that was all about it.

Podcasts improve your user engagement

One of the biggest advantages of the podcast is that you will never get distracted while listening to a podcast, and you can listen to it anywhere at home while working or at a gym. Your attention remains undivided, unlike other forms of content.

You can listen to podcasts on your smartphones because it is portable and makes it possible to listen on the go. Because there are over 6 billion active smartphone users across the globe. So, your content needs to be mobile responsive to reach many potential customers, and podcasts lead the charge in this regard.

You can do this while listening to an episode of a podcast, and due to this reason, most people prefer podcasts over other types of content. It ultimately increases user engagement in your show. Once you stimulate their interest with your shows, they will hunger for more and wait every week for your next episode to release.

As compared to other content mediums, podcasts improve your user engagement to a significant extent. Americans listen to podcasts for more than six hours weekly and have subscribed to various podcast platforms. When you release fresh content every week, it attracts a new target audience to subscribe to your podcasts.

Podcasts help in building brand affinity

User engagement plays a crucial role in building brand affinity. When a listener is truly dedicated and loyal to your podcast, he will never miss out on a single episode of your show. Podcasts captivate your attention to a significant level.

It is estimated that more than 79% of the listeners will listen to a podcast episode soon after it is released. A podcast is binge-worthy, just like Netflix, where every episode keeps its target listeners hitched for long hours.

The Bottom Line

Content marketing is not just about writing blogs and social media posts anymore. A powerful content marketing strategy includes various platforms and content mediums to engage your target audience and build your brand affinity. With every passing day, people consume more and more audio content; it’s high time to shift their attention to podcasts for your content marketing.

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