What is the easiest way to get a Wikipedia page written about me?

Having a page written about yourself on Wikipedia sounds exciting, but getting in there is not easy. It is quite a daunting task. Today, Wikipedia is ranked 13th among the world’s leading websites. Wikipedia has been acclaimed as a highly recognized entity in the digital world in the past twenty years.

It was founded in 2001 and served as the world’s largest encyclopedia containing millions of articles in English and other languages as well. But we are not going into the deeper details about the statistics or their role in marketing.

Instead, we will discuss how you can create your own page on Wikipedia in the simplest way. But creating your own page is not that easy; you need time and expertise to do that. But thanks to the Wikipedia writing services offered by multiple agencies and freelancing websites that have made it easier for you.

You can hire a professional Wikipedia writing service to create a page of your own on Wikipedia. In this web blog, you will learn how you can create a page about yourself on Wikipedia. So, let’s dive in straight there.

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Things you need to know before creating a Page on Wikipedia

Wikipedia serves as a free encyclopedia that can be accessed freely all over the world. Wikipedia states that it doesn’t promote or endorse any propaganda, advocacy, or recruitment. Wikipedia comprises all categories, including national, religious, sports, scientific, commercial, and political.

So, if you think that Wikipedia can be used for promotional or endorsement purposes, you are going the wrong way, and in the end, you will get disappointed. It is not used for endorsing or marketing because it is not a social media platform or blog or an online memorial website.

All the Wikipedians own their user pages, but they cannot be used for personal gains. Remember that Wikipedia only allows an editor to add, edit or alter the information. If you wish to be an editor on Wikipedia, you need to follow a set of guidelines about the policies, content and page creation, etc.

How will you execute the process of creating your own page?

Now we will move to our main topic of discussion, which is page creation on Wikipedia. Remember that all of these steps are crucial in page creation and require a lot of focus on details as these are complex steps. Moreover, there are a plethora of guidelines and policies to follow for each step. Without any further delay, let’s dive into the page creation process.

  • Create An Account
  • The first step in the page creation process is probably the easiest that is creating an account. You need to follow some steps to create your account on Wikipedia. However, Wikipedia advises you to use a pseudo or anonymous name. Because it will be available publicly, and other users on Wikipedia can see it. So, if you want to keep your identity anonymous, make sure to follow the instructions.

  • Become a Trustworthy Editor
  • If you want to edit on Wikipedia, you have to become a trustworthy editor. You have to make sure the information you edit on the existing pages on Wikipedia is verified and from authentic sources. Besides this, the editing you have done on the pages is necessary.

    Wikipedia has divided the editing into two major types that are major edits and minor edits. Anyhow, if you are unsure about the editing you have done on the pages or didn’t find any page to edit. In that case, Wikipedia itself gives you a list of the articles in which editing is needed.

    But the information you have provided should be verified and preferably from an authentic source. So, you need to pick only those on which you have background knowledge.

  • Create An Article
  • After editing multiple pages on Wikipedia, you become an aspiring editor. Your credibility escalates, and you can ask for creating your articles on Wikipedia. But the process of creating articles itself begins with a quest for existing articles. But by now, you’ll understand that things are getting more challenging because all the strict policies and guidelines came into play.

    But if you are already having any recognition on Wikipedia, you will easily find the existing page. There is nothing wrong with this; all you need is to edit the page with your details. But you need to follow the guidelines on each step.

  • Add Your Content
  • According to the guidelines given by Wikipedia, the content you are providing should be top-notch to get through the phase of approval. In this step, you will be taken to the Article Wizard in Wikipedia, where you can add your content. Here, all the pages come in different formats.

    To learn about creating your articles, you have to visit Article Wizard on Wikipedia. However, adding the content in the lead section is comparatively easy. You have to keep one thing in mind that your content should be cohesive and of high quality. Your content should not be biased or opinionated in any sense.

  • Source Citation
  • There are multiple types of citations present on Wikipedia, such as full citation, in which the line guides the reader from where the information is sourced. There are many other types, such as inline citations, short citations, general references, and in-text attribution. That’s why you need to get the right source format.

  • Wait For Approval
  • After the submission of your draft, you have to wait for approval. This is not just a matter of approval or refusal; however, your article can get rejected multiple times. That’s why to avoid rejection, make sure to keep it accurate for the first time.

  • Amendments and Changes
  • Sometimes, if your information is inaccurate or the content is not good enough, you have to edit the page. You will have to make changes in your content or the format that is causing problems. After that, you need to resubmit it again and wait for the approval.

    Final Thoughts

    You can create your own page on Wikipedia by following the steps mentioned above, but you have to follow the set of guidelines and policies provided by Wikipedia. You can also hire a professional Wikipedia writing service for your page creation. Your content should be top-notch to get approved by Wikipedia, but you can’t use Wikipedia for personal or promotional purposes.

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