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Are you desperately looking for an amazing audiobook narrator to narrate your audiobook? With the advent of digital technology and podcasts, audiobooks have gained immense popularity. The demand for audiobooks is increasing every day, with our world increasingly becoming audio-first.

Audiobooks have now become one of the booming markets, with more audiobooks publishing every day. Many writers are looking forward to converting their books into audiobooks to publish on audio platforms such as Audible, Google Audiobooks, Scribd, Kobo Audiobooks, and many more.

Audiobooks are easy money for all those writers who have already published their books. Audio narration is a steady income for the authors and helps them generate revenue in the long run.

While some are already going one step further and writing a book with audio performance in their minds, just like storytelling, spoken storytelling is more ancient than the world of book reading. If you write a book that engages your readers when read aloud, then chances are it’s an enjoyable read too.

Nowadays, most people prefer listening to audiobooks then reading physical books. That’s why the audiobook narrators and voiceover artists are high in demand, with more writers getting their audiobooks published on the audio platforms.

You can hire an audiobook writing agency that offers their audiobook writing services at highly affordable prices. In this blog, you will get to know the five secrets of an audiobook narrator, such as

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  • Most of them are previous stage actors
  • Many well-known audiobook narrators were previously working as the stage actors, such as January La Voy. She has narrated many audiobooks for Libba Bray, James Patterson, and John Grisham; she started her career as a stage actor but later tapped into the world of audiobook narration.

    She found out that audio narration has many benefits over stage acting. So, she pursued her career as an audiobook narrator. Many acclaimed celebrities have narrated multiple audiobooks, such as Maggie Gyllenhaal narrated “The Bell Jar” by Sylvia Plath and Meryl Streep narrated ‘’ Heartburn” by Nora Ephron.

  • Some of them record audiobooks from home
  • Audiobook narration is commonly performed in the studio with microphones, headphones, pop filter, and recording software, but the narrators who have excellence in this industry can record from home as well.

    But the publishers are a little cautious about hiring the home narrators because a home narrator is needed to be a good self-director as well when it comes to recording audiobooks. An experienced audio narrator knows how to narrate an audiobook at home with all the essential equipment.

  • It almost takes a month to record a single audiobook
  • The average running time of an audiobook is 12 hours but recording an audiobook takes much longer time. It might take up to one month for the recording of a good audiobook. Therefore, it is recommended for novice narrators to spend more time in the process of audio narration. Stumbling over the words and repeating lines can extend your recording time by two to three hours to produce one useable audiobook.

    The recording time varies depending on the length of a book; if a narrator follows a conventional eight hours a day and five days a week of work schedule, then an average assignment will take about four days to complete. But for longer books that creep past about 1000 pages takes almost a month to complete an audiobook.

  • They get insight into a book from authors
  • When the narrators are recording an audiobook, they get an insight into the book from the author to record it efficiently with proper pronunciation and fluency. The correspondence between the author and the narrator can be brief such as an email to ask how to pronounce a particular word. A good narrator has the ability to pry some spoilers out of an author they are working with.

  • They are paid heavily
  • Audio narration is a lucrative market, and the narrators benefit from this business. Even for novice narrators, narrating audiobooks is a profitable line of work. According to reports, narrators and voiceover artists who have just started can earn up to $100 per hour of the finished audio.

    On the contrary, veteran narrators can earn up to $500 for a finished hour. Audio narrators make thousands of dollars for book projects.

Final Thoughts

Audiobooks are an easy income for authors who already have their published books. An experienced audiobook narrator can bring your story to life. The inflections of an audiobook narrator can help you in picking up on particular meanings and emotions.

As the audiobook market is growing, the demand for audiobook narrators and voice artists is increasing. An audiobook narrator can pull it off with different accents and styles depending on your book genre.

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