The Ultimate Guide to Professional Book Descriptions

What is the first thing that you see in a book? Of course, it’s the cover page. Apart from that, a good book description will continuously change your purchasing decision. Is it?

Well, as much as a book cover catches your attention, the description grips that attention and convinces you to purchase a book. The reason for writing an engaging book blurb is to make the book sell. The professional ghostwriting services USA is exceptional at providing clients with compelling book descriptions.

In this article, you will tour our ultimate guide to write professional book descriptions that can make your book stand out in the current market.

The guide

Often, the task of writing engaging book descriptions can become challenging. You cannot get your hands on the perfect wording. Don’t worry about that because we have some fantastic tips for you here.

Know your genre

Are you aware of ghostwriting services in the USA? If not, you should know the ghostwriters are gaining a prominent position in the markets today. Great writers always know how to write professional book descriptions with minimal revisions. How do they do it? Well, they have vast experience in different genres. The best writers will always have solid know-how in the genre. If you know the genre, you can start drafting the whole description instantly.

Start with a hook

It is necessary to take a kick-start by creating a hook. The best theme will always engage the readers, which is the sole purpose of writing book blurbs. Make sure, the purpose of writing a good book description is to change the buying behavior of the readers. Your first sentence should not be dull and uninteresting. So, start with something dramatic to tangle readers’ minds with it. A unique line that can make the readers compelled to read the full description.

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They don’t want a summary; entice them

Book descriptions are a short synopsis of the book. You are not going to write a whole summary in it. If you do so, then what will the readers seek inside the book? Hence, please do not make it a spoiler. Make it something that can highlight the reason why your readers should be reading the book. It is tricky. But keep in mind, you have to entice the readers and interestingly give them lesser details. Make it hard for them to resist purchasing your book. Try to tease and tempt them, and they will automatically become a fan.

Streamline the words

Wordcount plays an integral role in writing an engaging book blurb. So do not invest time in the race to write more. That will not come in handy. In addition, a book description barely comes under a hundred to one hundred and fifty words. Do not exceed the limit. Streamline the words to get the desirable word limit.

Long passages often make the readers lose their interest. Do not let that happen. Write less and excel in it.

Don’t go for cliché phrases

What is that one element that makes your book look compelling enough? Well, the wordings should stand out. Try to avoid monotonous phrases, and it will lead to low interest from the readers. Moreover, do not use idioms that are continuously used in almost every blurb that you read. Furthermore, try to steer away from the overused ones. Go for fresh ones. That will help.

Try to tap the reader’s emotions

Tapping the readers’ emotions is the core—the method where ethos and Logos have a winning opportunity over emotions. We understand you are trying to establish credibility by convincing the readers but tapping their emotions is the core. The subconscious part of the brain needs a tap correctly. However, give them intrigue and passion within the lines to cater to their emotions

A plot; that’s important

The plot is integral when it comes to writing good book descriptions. We follow the standard protocols and rhythm to explain the plot of a story in simple words.

It includes exposition, conflict, and resolution.

The exposition will permanently set the tone and introduce the character in one or two sentences. In contrast, the conflict will highlight the problems in the book. It may be an internal conflict or an external conflict, depending on your story. Then finally, we came to the resolution. By the time you resolve, your readers are on edge and need relief, so that key will solve the rising tension. But, in the blurb, you will not tell the solutions. A gist of it will do the favor.

Write variations and choose the best one

A professional writer will not always write one book description. And he will write two to three variations of it. Perhaps, It helps in writing a better piece towards the end. However, write at least two good descriptions and choose the best one.

Proofread and shorten the sentences

Once you have chosen the best description, you will have to proofread it. However, proofreading always helps you in producing amazing content at the end. So, make sure you do that!


The guidelines mentioned above will always come in handy if you look forward to attracting readers with your book descriptions. So, all the best

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