The Greatest American Novels you should read

This topic is a straightforward thought-provoking message for children and teenagers who boast about technology. Please show respect to your elders; appreciate the ‘Books.’ You should be thankful enough to writers of the past to make it all happen. There are great books you can read. You can visit your library occupied with shelves with tons of books you can easily read. As well, pick your favorite genre that you like the most. But right now, we’ll talk about the best American novels that have impacted generations, societies, nations, and even our world.

Besides, the revolution and innovation we see in the world are all because of our predecessors. They pioneered incredible ideas and concepts back then. Without them, all of this couldn’t be possible. Surprisingly, books are becoming popular in the form of e-books. As a result, many software houses provide book trailer video services to authors looking to promote their book(s). Therefore, be humble and appreciate the paperbacks. Show your love to them by reading them every day. You will feel the change in you and the world around you in a few days!

American literature has a rich history dating back to hundreds of years. Its natural evolution of book writing started after the US independence in 1776 AD. Consequently, many time-honored authored have written countless textual masterpieces. The most famous name of the past revered to this day include Ernest Hemingway, F. Scott Fitzgerald, Mark Twain, Toni Morrison, Herman Melville, and John Steinbeck, to name a few.

However, the list of great American novelists is above and beyond. It’s going to mean and unruly to ignore famous writers belonging to different ethnic backgrounds. The unfathomable post-American account of authors occupies genius dramatists known for their literary masterpieces.

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To Kill a Mocking Bird – by Harper Lee

It’s one of the greatest American novels in history, no doubt about that. Harper Lee’s novel To Kill a Mocking Bird is a good read for knowing about the struggles of people of color in the past. This book revolves around two siblings Jem and Scout, who live their American Dream, quite different from what we know today. They both live with their single parent named Atticus.

The book’s main highlight is the kids’ relationship with Boo Radley, who lives under irredeemable burdens. He has murdered his parents in the past and wants to reclaim his life. Hence, he wants to restructure the country’s judicial law against Afro-Americans and other non-white ethnicities. Eventually, a movie of the same name got released in the year 1962. The popularity of such films has made authors realize the power of video book trailer services. It has helped them attract readers to read their books.

The Great Gatsby – by F. Scott Fitzgerald

This book confirms what Harper Lee says in her book ‘To Kill a Mocking Bird.’ The Great Gatsby portrays a blue-eyed gentleman Gatsby who lives the extravagant American Dream full of luxury, wealth, and esteemed reputation. He cannot live without his high status, money, well-off lifestyle, and the love of his life – Daisy Buchanan. The millionaire Jay Gatsby wants Daisy’s attention at all costs. For this reason, he organizes overgenerous weekend parties to see her coming dressed as a bride. Sadly, things take wild twists and turns. Gatsby loses his life due to his quarrelsome behavior, ridiculing other men, and blindly trusting the power of his worldly riches.

Moby-Dick – by Herman Melville

It’s one of the greatest stories any fisherman can read all day. It’s a nail-biting adventure thriller of a captain in pursuit of a silent sea giant. Moby Dick, or simply The Whale, is a novel narrated by the sailor Ishmael’s point of view talking about Captain Ahab’s vengeance against the big fish that chewed off his half leg from the knee. Herman Melville’s classic is a story showing a man’s unforgiving behavior, even if it comes at the cost of an innocent creature.

Mark Twain’s classic The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn runs in the same veins as Harper Lee’s masterpiece To Kill a Mockingbird. This story revolves around a naive country boy who helps a runaway slave escape the perils of the Civil War through the Mississippi River. The book is about selfless love, compassion, and trust among people from different races and tribes. Mark’s inventive use of slang words and different accents brought his characters to life.

According to Ernest Hemingway, Twain’s masterwork gave birth to modern American literature. Consequently, many authors wrote books inspired by the works of Mark Twain, particularly moved from this one.

Invisible Man – by Ralph Ellison

It’s one of the best of Ellison’s genius work on tackling the impacts of racism. The book depicts the story of an African man and his struggle to live in the West full of white people and societies. The novel Invisible Man depicts the life of Afro-Americans living in fear. The man portrayed in the book goes underground to make a living, away from the vision of the people. Ellison termed it as the “beautiful absurdity” of one’s identity living in the modern world.

Beloved- by F. Toni Morrison

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Morrison’s classic is a great classic that shows the after-effects of slavery. The story revolves around the life of a runaway slave named Sethe. She was lucky enough to escape to Cincinnati, Ohio, during the civil war. The story portrays a slave’s trauma and feelings of guilt of wrongdoings even after getting freedom. Sethe feels emotional pain and cries a lot due to killing her child named ‘Beloved.’ Soon after, a ghost-like figure comes into their lives by the same name, making their lives more difficult to come by and forget the traumatic past in slavery. This fantastic 1987 classic by Toni Morrison won accolades and praises among readers and publishers alike.

Uncle Tom’s Cabin – by Harriet Beecher Stowe

We can state that this is the book that started it all – Civil War. Uncle Tom’s Cabin portrays the lives of Africans living in a ruthless anti-black America. It also revolutionized people’s thinking and cleared all the ways to start the most significant battles in American history. Even Abraham Lincoln famously stated: “So this is the little lady who started this great war.” The book became highly regarded among people of color now and then. So much so that today many books are inspired by this literary masterpiece.

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