New E-Book Format Strategy Suggested by Digital Book Writers

New E-Book Format Strategy Suggested by Digital Book Writers

A little bit shocking to hear this. The good news is that writing and formatting an eBook are pretty much the same. But since the world is becoming trendier and swifter with knacks and trends, improvising does only good. Know that writing a physical book has a set of rules you must follow. For instance, Times New Roman (size 12pt), A4 paper size (210 × 297mm), Letter Size (8.5” x 11”) for North America, and proper header alignment are inevitable.



Today, book lovers have moved from libraries to their Kindles and Kobos. It is the primary reason books have become obsolete. Hence, even eBooks require a touch of striking new features to make them more desirable. That’s why professional ghostwriters and freelance writers offer excellent ebook writing services online. So, what is the main difference between the two – books and eBooks. Below are some good reasons writers write a digital copy of their rough-and-ready manuscript:


  • Increase book sales
  • Generate more leads and attract more buyers
  • Improves organic traffic on websites
  • Acclimatize clients and customers with their writing styles – and book genres
  • Ebooks reach a global target audience of avid readers
  • Builds blind trust between the author and reader
  • Develop a name in their market Writer enjoys respect and fame online
  • Ebooks are more profitable than their tangible versions



How should you structure an eBook?

There is no hard and fast rule to writing an eBook. The truth is, since it’s a new-fangled thing to do by authors, some bigwig novelists and scriptwriters are trying to make it look overly dramatic. You don’t require a pen gilt in gold with a nib made of silver sterling. Rather, passion and hope with a mind full of creativity and conviction.





What makes eBooks so special?

Ebooks might look like any text file or a slightly formal version – an MS Word document. But they’re more than just words assembled in white space. Know that these digital books have unique file formats for specific genres. Also, writers can protect their digital books from so-called writers.


Surprisingly, ebooks are like fortresses that eliminate chances of infringement, reproductions, data theft, and proprietorship breaches. Plus, you can add cues and elements in these computerized paperback versions. Some of them are as follows:


·         CTA elements

·         Different font styles

·         Dark mode

·         Content search bar

·         Text-to-speech functionality

·         Shield from piracy

·         Include hyperlinks

·         Imagery enabled: visuals, videos, GIFs, etc.





Benefits of writing an eBook?

These digital book versions are incredibly versatile and give a hard time to physical books. First and foremost, they’re easily accessible on the internet. You can download them for free or pay a nominal fee to enjoy a good read. Ebooks also help you gain more customers (leads). In the same way, you can integrate an ebook ad on your website to get more web traffic flow going smoothly.





Last lines

Unquestionably, eBooks are no less than a blessing for writers with a tight budget. The best part is that you create an ebook once, and it starts rolling out with innumerable copies. Hence, you save a good production cost for more projects, family, and rainy days.


Ebooks are also highly portable, eco-friendly, shareable, adjustable, and secured. Amazingly, they don’t receive any dust or wear like their age-old traditional counterparts. The truth is that eBooks have more paybacks than drawbacks. Undeniably, they’re the best for both writers and readers in the long run.

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