Is Your Book Going to be Part of a Larger Marketing Plan

Is Your Book Going to be Part of a Larger Marketing Plan

Your manuscript will determine whether your book will be a success or not – and a part of extensive marketing strategy. So, you better write and craft a story that steals the heart of people. Your product, this time, isn’t a biscuit box nor a makeup kit, but a more arresting item – a treasuring read. So, you heard what ought to be the keynote of your book’s success. As well becoming an integral part of all-round advertising campaigns.

Secondly, it boils down to your target audience. Which age-group are you targeting you wish to read your book. It all depends on the book’s genre, plot, character orientation, and the writing style. So, make sure every word and element strike a bell for the readers you wish to convey your profound imaginations. If you’re more like an imagination person and not a dreamcatcher, don’t you worry. You can acquire 360GW’s first-rate ghostwriting services and relax on your rocking chairs. Else, you can KDP self-publishing yourself. But we only prefer this if you’re only looking for reader numbers and views – not profits.

Your storyline must be gripping to make book promotion more accessible and effective. But a well-organized marketing plan is mandatory if you want to increase your winning chances. Therefore, you need to get down into rabbit hole – dig the internet to see how and what successful authors are doing. Besides doing that, do not forget the drill below. Good luck!

5 Steps to create your Book Marketing Plan

First and foremost, do market research and what old and new writers are up to. See your current position; where you stand. Also, check your book’s genre status. Is it a bestseller or a so-so one. See what can you do to create an overwhelming impression in the readers’ eye and mind with your book. The more you research, the more opens up about marketing page by page. Plus, you will gain knowledge about different marketing strategies and methods to implement them suitably. Noe let’s begin the five best marketing steps to plan your book promotional strategy:

Analyze your Present Scenario

 Your Book:

First, you have to define your book. What is the story about and what age-group can read it. Does your book include an original storyline or is an inspiration from another book. Also, does your book’s core theme already exists or it’s a novel concept. Lastly, what is so special about your book that your competitors – other book writers should solemnly fear about.

How you see yourself as an Author:

Do authors doing the same book genre know about you? If not, how can you show them that you exist for a reason. What makes your story so convincing that it brings other writers’ thoughts and pens at halt. Is there anything distinctive about you as an author that helps you stand out from the crowd? Do you have inimitable book writing skill other writers wish they had? Answer as many questions to yourself and jot them in your journal. The more you unravel your mind and personality, the better. Good luck!


Discover your Target Audience


  • Which readers’ age-group you expect to buy your book more?
  • What kind of stories bring these people together – and under one book’s banner?
  • What habit of yours are similar to them – the readers?
  • Why do these people who bought your book read books?


Including generic audiences like “readers in their 30s” and “overaged parents with big kids” won’t cut it – you need to try harder. Find the best audience pool of all ages that might find your book worth buying, and reading. Remember, the more readers from different age gaps, better the chances to have an author fan base. It will benefit you as an author and your books in the long run.

Do a Competitor Analysis

The next step is to see what your rivals are up to and what they’re writing about. Make a list of notable authors who are running parallel to your book’s genre and storyline. Yes, you heard it right. Since the human mind generally perceives life the same way, chances of stories clashing are higher. Next, you must determine a few marketing questions. They are as follows:


  • Which platforms do your competitors use for book promotion?
  • What is their core marketing message and how readers respond to it?
  • To whom are they marketing their works?
  • Does the younger audience follow them or your rivals have a rather older fan base?


Remember, following competitors alongside writing your book and marketing it will ease the process. You don’t need to reinvent the advertising wheel when your counterparts have already set it in the right direction. Just follow suit shrewdly and outsmart them with your author’s agility. Ensure you keep yourself a mile or more ahead of them to catch up with their audience – and affluent returns soon. Please do not do any injustice to yourself to others. Do your thing and let your hard work speak louder than words.

Write down your main Marketing message

What are the words you’ll choose that best describe your book? Unlike a little summary or an exhaustive passage, toss in some keywords that reflect your book’s plot. Next, write down a few profound sentences describing your book. Please do not forget to give a short brief about yourself and what inspired you to write the book. We recommend you create a list of inspiring messages for your book. Share each of them on different media mediums and channels. Of course, your book’s slogan/tagline also matters.


Set your primary Objectives

Making book objectives is analogous to life goals. So, you better write a few of them to help you keep writing like breathing. When you write you objectives and mission note, check in-between shortcomings. Resolve every snag by tweaking your goals or making a backup plan in advance. Some primary book goals are as follows:


  • Get a fan base soon and expand it on different places and places.
  • Sell books on Amazon and social media via digital marketing.
  • Broadcast your book’s core message by speaking to the audience at events.
  • Step up your book marketing by reaching out at social media influencers, podcasts, newsletter, magazines, etc.
  • Create your author’s blogging website and write blogs to attract more readers.


End Note

Make sure your book marketing plan is set on a strategic structure. Don’t forget to determine your budget and how further you can stretch without breaking your bank. Please follow a chronological order and create marketing episodes for better “observable” results. Indeed, a timeline of things and marketing helps you plan effectively. Enjoy!


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