How to Write an Email as a Copywriter – Step by Step Guide

What’s the difference between a writer and a copywriter? The classical children’s story ‘The Tortoise and the Hare’ teaches us a good lesson with regards to our topic. The furry rabbit runs and scrabbles senselessly, hopping on “fluffy” words here and there. On the other hand, the unwavering tortoise sluggishly, yet determinedly crosses the finish line. Got shellshocked, right?! We all know the moral of the story i.e., ‘Slow and Steady wins the race.’

In the same way, a copywriter’s work is to craft a promotional email to grab the reader’s attention. Unlike other writing techniques, email writing needs to be precise with specific business prospects. It should not contain jargon language that make readers irritable

There are countless ghostwriting book editing services agencies that offer diverse writing services. A copywriter is skilled in SEO copywriting, blogs, articles, forums, press release(s), creative writing, social media writing, technical writing, and whatnot.

However, writing an email isn’t everybody’s magic, so requires you to learn tips and tricks. The following is a step-by-step guide for the perfect copywriter’s email.

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 Write an attention-grabbing Subject Line

Make sure your email door entrance aka subject line possesses catchy words to attract the mouse cursor. Make it short and sound rewarding to customers. Correspondingly, you should be aware of your potential clients that will invest in your business model. Unquestionably, a killer one-liner subject line is what it takes to lead your client to read your email interestingly.

 Simplistic yet ‘Eloquence’ in Language for your E-message

Devising an articulate write-up takes time. But, when it’s done correctly with the right choice and words and phrases, you’re likely to win the hearts of potential clients interested in your business plan. Likewise, the copywriter’s email should be expressive in the most straightforward way possible.

The fluency of language is important together with a use of simple words and phrases. Thus, making the reader’s eye maneuver effortlessly through the whole email outlook. We don’t want our readers to press the backspace button once they entered our email layout. Put down your email with a sense of empathy, and devotion towards the clients. Don’t let your email sound forceful towards the readers.

Here are some standpoints that will help you declutter down a detailed email with unsophisticated eloquence.

  • Add curiosity to the email.
  • Keep it short and simple.
  • Put user-friendly remarks here and there.
  • Start and end points should be attractive.
  • Write short paragraphs.
  • Research and Write.
  • Make it sound like a letter to your loved ones.

Make your Email sound Competitive and Compelling

Once you’re done with the flow using easy-to-understand language with a proper flow. Make sure your email stands out from the crowd. Use resourceful writing and stellar research skills to put forth something worth reading. Also, research about your competitors running the same business structure as yours, then come up with a suitable email format. In case you’re not familiar with writing an appealing email, there are several affordable book writing services available on the internet. You can hire either individual freelancers or check out writing companies offering manifold ghostwriting services.

Add an adventurous tone to your email without making it sound too much formal. Take it easy, and adapt friendliness nature when writing down the E-message.

Send Sequence Emails to Clients

If you’re looking for clients to reply you back, you need to put forth a series of emails. These are called sequence emails that you send one after another. These emails are typically preset set of emails that you send to your potential clients from time to time. In general, there are

Mostly, sequence emails are part of the email AI automation process that automatically sends a specific email to the customer. The standard 3-type sequential emails are welcome ‘on-boarding’ email series, nurturing ‘business broadcast’ emails, and sales email.

The first one greets your client and introduces your business in simple language. Next, you familiarize clients with business prospects and promising gainful incentives for long-term loyal customers. Lastly, it’s the sale email that circulates information about the products and service you’re offering. Another ‘rare’ sequence email is called abandoned cart email, and one of the most significant sequence emails used in the e-commerce industry. It’s basically a follow-up email sent to those customers who added products in the cart, but didn’t order them.

Content should be Industry oriented

As a copywriter, you must know the basics. The use of relevant content is of utmost importance. It keeps you and your customers on track without derailing on to unfamiliar territories. Surprisingly, this step is enough to win your client over, even if you don’t use the aforementioned steps. An email on the money with one-liner outlooks of your business are enough to grab the attention of the readers. Besides, don’t forget to add a simple CTA (call to action) prompt button. Do not use multiple CTAs, which makes your email look like a mess of mines that bombard the interest of clients from the go

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