How to Develop a Marketing and Promotion Plan as an Indie Author

Have you ever wondered how people plan to market and promote their books?

Writing a book may take several months but planning its marketing strategies might take more than that if you are an indie author. Book authors who have a tremendous fan-following out there might not have to bend over backward as indie authors have to. However, each new book requires proper marketing and promotion plan to reach its potential readers.

Numerous online book promotion services are assisting thousands of authors across the globe. Planning your marketing moves is crucial to make yourself visible and successful as an author.

This article focuses on the reasons on how to develop a marketing and promotion plan as an indie author.

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Who are indie authors?

Independent authors are often called indie authors. They independently publish their books without seeking other publications to second their book. They self-publish their book to avoid sharing the credits with other publications. The kindle direct publishing is one of the top choices of indie authors who are looking for opportunities to publish their work on larger grounds, but wait! There is a lot more they can do. Let us highlight some marketing and promotion plans below.

Hook for the hype

Creating a hook on your book is important when you are marketing it. A good author will always create a necessary tagline that will promote the book to a wider audience. A tagline is just not it. There is a lot more to it. Most importantly, you have to create curiosity amongst your potential target audiences so they can track your book in the competitive marketplace.

Target your ideal readers

Targeting your ideal readers will have put you in a win-win situation. Decide your marketing strategies keeping your target audiences in mind. This is the pillar for everything you plan to make a living out of your writing talent. By targeting the ideal readers you will be able to develop a necessary plan to promote the book. A good way is to funnel down your readers and reach them at every place they are. Be it social media or a retail outlet, make sure you empower their purchasing decision.

Go for the market scan

A market scan is highly important when it comes to marketing your book. Looking at the external factors of a market helps orient you to the wider forces to work on your readers. A market scan will help you devise a strategy that can bring you the desirable results. External factors like how the competitive authors are proceeding with their marketing plans might enlighten you with unique ideas to get started!

Don’t forget social media

If you are active on social media, then you must be familiar with how it works. Certain trends can leave a powerful impact on your ideal readers. All you have to do is, be smart on social media. The active users will only get attracted to your book if it follows the latest trends while being consistent. People follow consistent marketers who build one on one relationship with their audiences.

Always remember, social media has the power to turn your readers into loyal partners if you bridge the communication gap with them.

Indulge influencers

Today, the brands are seeking influencers with a good fan following to promote their products. Opting for the same idea as an indie author won’t cost you much. You can either go for a paid promotion plan with an influencer or opt for a PR activity. It solely depends on you.

By indulging an influencer you can open great opportunities for yourself as an author as they will help you drive the relevant audiences towards your book. That is what an influencer is good at!

Decide your web presence

Successful marketing means, high visibility and for high visibility, you need to make a great web presence. deciding on your web presence depends on the genre and network you are choosing. Make sure, they are highly rated.

How about choosing Amazon in this regard? Well, Amazon solely cannot drive the results, you require self-managed author websites along with other social media pages to provide strong grounds for your marketing plans. Being visible on every platform is important here, make sure you do that.

Devise an email marketing strategy

Since everything is digital now, devising a relevant email strategy will do the needful for you. Your email marketing plan should be spot on to drive the readers to your book. A good-looking newsletter and a promotion plan are necessary to mention.

Alongside don’t forget to mention the launch date in your email. The best way to strategize it is that you focus on your ideal audiences at first and then devise a plan.

A launch activity

An inground launch activity that is small-scale can drive you the results. You have a fair option to promote your book in malls or other places where the movement never stops. Planning an in-ground pre-launch or launch activation will build interest amongst the audiences and they will automatically gauge interest in the book. Have a smart approach in this, you don’t have enough budget to cater to huge on-ground activation.

Final words

As an indie author, following the above-mentioned marketing plans will help you make a great deal and drive results. Make sure you don’t spend too much on marketing, be smart and wise to get your marketing and promotion plans streamlined. All the best

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