How much does it cost to format an ebook?

The old times were bothersome for ambitious writers. They were the best writers of their times; in fact, they’re the best to this day. Why?! Because the internet didn’t exist back then. They were crafty with words and created great masterpieces in the form of manuscripts. The real trouble for them was the cost of publishing.

The overall cost of converting a rough-and-ready manuscript in the past was like polishing a coarse diamond into perfect shape. No book formatting services were available online for passionate writers striving breathlessly from head to toe. It was a weighty arrangement to do for them due to an astonishing price tag. Either they could put bread and milk on the table for their families or run away to become recognized authors.

Having legendary writers from the 1800s and 1900s isn’t some coincidence. They were thoroughly creative with their profession. Besides, we can understand this by knowing that there were no computers to research in a matter of seconds. Thankfully, we have the blessing of digital technology. Not only has it helped us do our diligent research efficiently, but it also altered books into a completely new format; eBooks.

We can publish digital books directly on KDP, Smashwords, Draft2Digital, and several other self-publishing platforms very quickly these days. Nonetheless, a professional publisher ensures guaranteed success with sales and grabbing the reader’s attention. But at what cost? Let’s check it out!

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Evaluating e-books genre estimated worth

The actual cost of your e-book depends on its type. First, you have to analyze the genre of your book. It will tell you about the value of your book and where it stands among thousands on the shelve. No one reads biographies and memoirs these days. But for buying thrillers, crime stories, YA novels, readers rush towards book outlets with adrenaline propelling in their bodies. It shows how much fiction has grown to become a mature read sort.

Therefore, the cost of a fiction ebook costs more than your average non-fiction book. A professional writer’s average fee for fiction is around $1000 to $2500, excluding book cover design and publishing. For non-fiction, you can easily find a writer at a $500-$1000 price tag.

The total cost of all book parts of an ebook

If you’re on a budget but require help from a professional writer, try breaking down your book into parts. It’s the best way to get your ebook published quickly without any hassle. A great strategy that could help you save a handful of money.

Start by making a long list of essential parts and portions that complete your book. Next, draft down the crucial elements that slash more money from the pockets. For instance, a book cover, title page illustration, and the summarized book description (blurb) on the back cost a bit more. If someone is asking for $500 for these book specifics, go for it.

After that, you must have at least ten Benjamin’s in your back pocket to cover the overall e-book prepping expenses. Other significant book parts cover your title page, Copyright page, table of contents, dedication page, foreword, prologue, epilogue, and ending appendices.

E-book book report cost

Though it’s not an integral part of your e-book, it sure does add value to it. A book report helps you examine the sales data of your book. It shows which part of your e-book is the main factor that’s selling like hotcakes.

Besides, readers get to know about your book beforehand before going for the purchase. Generally, a book report works best for fiction works. The five main elements of this condensed book interpretation include characters’ accounts, story setting, plot, conflict, and resolution.

Since it’s a potted blueprint of your original book covering all its central aspects, you can expect a hefty price for it. The cost for it will fall somewhere between $1200 to $1500. The book report format creator will try to push it forward to two grand. But if you’re good at haggling, you could squeeze the price to $500, implausible but not impossible.

Average Ebook book cover cost

We’ve all heard the statement: do not judge a book by its cover. But sadly, never listened to a book cover maker saying it out loud! They’re the ones that create a compelling book façade that’s distinctive and appealing. The book covers lure readers into buying the book. However, not all books are the same. Several award-winning authors state book covers as an essential lifeline to avid readers’ audience growth, sales, and validation. A high-quality book cover costs you around $200. But if you have enough money in the bank, you can hire professional cover makers for $1500-$2000 for premium services.

Hiring eBook ghostwriters online under $500

If you wish to save your money, there’s no better way than to hire a good ebook ghostwriter. You can easily find writers online who would love to write your next book for self-publishing. Thankfully, several book platforms offer book bundles under $1000 inclusive of all services. Skip book publishing, marketing, and author’s event arrangement to save your 500 bucks. How’s that!

Our verdict!

The total cost of the complete book package varies due to fluctuation in the writer-reader online market. So, you must be watchful whenever you’re looking to hire someone to do your book. On Amazon, the real deal is the writing; it should be inventively spot-on. You can hire an editor easily for $300 to $500 bucks on Bezos’ platform. Surprisingly, Amazon’s KDP platform offers exclusive book publishing packages as well. Don’t forget to buy proofreading and book trailer services if you’re looking for a successful career

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