Best tips to write scary ghost stories for Halloween Season

October’s fest of fears and screams is running in full swing. The trick-or-treat is a central custom of the Halloween season. It’s an amusing ritual where children dress themselves as spectral beings, aliens or superheroes. They knock on doors to get candies or run for their lives. Thus, it is known as trick-or-treating.

Besides ghostly guises, candies, and houses’ dark theme decorations, Halloween is notably known as a get-to-together of wizards and witches. We’ve all listened to scary witch stories during our childhood, right?! Children surrounding their grannie were the best times of life, no doubt about that.

Scary stories are a popular part of American culture. To an extent, that is has become an integral part of Americana. But somehow, horror stories aren’t the same as they were in the old days. They have lost their charm. The main reason is due to its immense popularity. There are many book writers in the world, but most of them are beginners and laypersons. The latter group portray themselves as professional children book writers but fail big time coming up with a chart-busting story. So don’t be like them who fire in the air but do not produce spine-chilling results. But be like J. K. Rowling that knows the right ingredients to impress and depress her fans with friendly and frantic subplots in the Harry Potter books.

The Halloween season is about to bloom with the midnight’s full moon. Some will be broom up themselves in the witch form while others will play hide and seek as werewolves. But some legends will stick to their plan to complete the perfect bestselling Halloween scary story for children. The ultimate most horrifying truth! Let’s start digging to find the treasures and tips you can use to nail down the coffin; your scary ghost stories.

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1. Craft a gloomy world with a dark theme

Begin your story by creating a dark world filled with disturbing things. For instance, you can add the sounds of a distant tall bell tower hitting high tolls or a rainstorm with ear-piercing thuds and thunder. Ready your readers with unreal spontaneous things that can happen anytime soon. There is no need to make them sit comfortably but push them to the edge of their sofas and beds. Up the screams to make them fall with sweat, blood-rush, and fear. Work on your horror-struck world by adding petrifying cues and punishable prompts for them. Shockingly, some children love this way. However, you can lower the tone according to the age group you’re targeting.

2. Start the first chapter with a scary midnight scene

It’s like adding layers of dark chocolate to the cake. Some children love to scream with a burst of laughter buried behind. So try to add a midnight scene for them to jump out of their beds in anticipation. For instance, you can add a scene where a 100-year-old stricken visitor knocks at your back door with a grimacing and hissing voice. You can also add cases where people hear strange voices coming out of their kitchens, attics, and storerooms.

Sadly, these are common horror story cliches that are found in every other book. It will be better to come up with new fearsome ideas and unique plots for your story. It is the main reason why bestsellers stand out from the shelves and sell like hotcakes. You can also hire an expert writer that offers children book writing services to help you with the meticulous storytelling process. Popular books include Harry Potter, The Golden Compass, City of Bones, Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children, Akata Witch, Vampire Academy, and The Magicians.

3. Describe the scary looks of characters

The best part to read in a horror tale is the appearance details of characters with petrifying looks. Make sure you write these accounts in detail. Do not avoid redundancy here, as it can make it sound boring. Go all-time powerful with your writing skills and pace. Drop and pop up your main and evil characters with a death-defying voice. Define their looks in such a way as if they’re standing or sitting behind the reader’s back. Make it sound like they’re ready to scare the crap out of your audience.

4. Stop the heartbeats with intense scenes

If you wish your Halloween horror story becomes a special and integral part of the tradition, heighten your word’s volume slightly. You can add nerve-wracking scenes to stir the brains and blood together. Penetrate the readers’ thoughts with terrifying events of scary silent nights, an abandoned room with blood plops, someone sleeping under the bed, etc. You can also add sounds and metaphors to add bass to the spine-chilling scene’s composition.

 Evoke fear of something imaginary

You can also write things that are alive and breathing outside the book. In other words, you can add specifics and allegories that make way to the reader’s world. You need to make them feel as if they’re living in the make-believe realm. In addition, you can create imaginary characters and epitomize them with different emotions, feelings, words, and certain personality traits. Do everything your right hand possesses to manifest suspense in real life created in the plots of your book.

Bottom Line

Halloween is the best season to launch your horror storybook, so make it the best one of all time. Add elements, traces, and anything that your feel is completely out of this world. Create a story that revolves around characters with supernatural abilities living in an ethereal realm. Try your best to terrorize the reader with the environment because of its impulsive continuity.

Possess and petrify the readers with your book’s soul, as if they’re living the moment themselves. Make them come to a standstill of thoughts, emotions, and feelings. Also, pen down bloodcurdling chapters to stir their twilight dreams with hair-raising dispositions.

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