8 Awesome Audiobook Publishers

Do you feel lazy to read your favorite book yet excited to read it?

We are living in the modern contemporary world, and reading has become a choice now. How? Well, simply because of audiobook production. Do you know what an audiobook really is?

Yes, it is your favorite book being read out to you. We know how much you miss the bedtime stories your parents read out for you. Hence, audiobooks bring back those childhood memories again. You can enjoy your favorite book anytime and anywhere. The idea of audiobooks has become popular in the digital world. Since advancement is thriving to make our lives easier, the ideology of audiobooks has also emerged.

Hence, there are now multiple audiobook production companies working day and night to produce your favorites in a perfect voice.

Would you like to read about some fantastic audiobook publishers? If yes, then continue reading this article!

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The Cedar House Audio Productions

Cedar House Audio Productions is a recording company based in Kent, Washington, founded a decade ago by Lyssa Browne, accompanying Suzie Brutke-Smurdon. However, companies like these are outstanding in producing audiobooks, podcasts, and voice tracks for video games.

Were you aware that they released two audiobooks recently, and we couldn’t claim that they’re not success stories? Well, they are an absolute success. Eileen Goudge is the author of Swimsuit Body and Arundhati Roy’s – “The God of Small Things.”

Authors can also benefit from the company’s outstanding offerings, such as the casting, directing, editing, audio mastering, and audio editing services, in addition to script preparation. But what remains?

Seattle-based Cedar House Audio Productions is offering instant audiobook production for published authors. Moreover, you can always connect to the company via email or phone to seek more information. Now you will always know Cedar House is an extraordinary audiobook production agency.

Podium Publishing

Podcast Publishing came into existence in 2010. The founding members are Greg Lawrence and James Tonn. Moreover, it is widely known in audiobooks as one of the top publishers, including Andy Weir’s “The Martian,” it is needless to say that it was the best-seller in the days. As well as Jerry Merritt and Christopher G. Nuttall have produced audiobooks.

Furthermore, authors with a unique perspective are actively choosing audiobook companies like Podium. They are exceptional in their approach to providing the authors with the best audiobooks in town.

However, a key focus of their work is to put the interest of authors before anything else, and when they identify suitable candidates, they contact them. The Podium Publishing website contains a contact form to request information about creating an audiobook version of your book. It is also possible to express interest through the state if a literary agent represents you.

Oasis Audio

Oasis Audio publishes Christian audiobook titles, including self-help and inspirational titles. As of 1999, it offers business audiobooks, children’s books, and nonfiction. You can also listen to audiobooks, including “The Good Neighbor: Fred Rogers’ Life and Work” by Maxwell King and Wanda E. Brunstetter.

Feel free to send them an email if you think your book will be a good fit. However, it is preferable to communicate through a book’s literary agent, so send an introduction to yourself and the book.

Brilliance Audio

The audiobook company was founded in 1984 and joined Amazon in 2011. The two bestselling audiobooks in their catalog are Nora Roberts’ “Of Blood and Bone” and Kay Hooper’s “Final Shadows.” also. With over 6500 titles available in its catalog, Brilliance Audio is a publisher. The company knows how to differentiate itself from the competition.

It is best if your literary agent contacts Brilliance Audio on your behalf if you are interested in working with them. However, they welcome submissions from independently published authors. With more details about you and your published book, you can email their editorial team.

Strathmore Publishing

Founded in 2005, Oakhill Publishing publishes audiobooks. Among the genres that we enjoy working on are historical fiction, contemporary crime thrillers, nonfiction, and even children’s books. “Five Days of Fog,” by Anna Freeman, and “Winter Storms” are recent works by the composer.

Moreover, getting in touch with Oakhill Publishing is easiest via email. Your literary agent can handle the query if your book fits their catalog.

Oakhill Publishing

Oakhill Publishing is an audiobook publisher founded in 2005. Historically based fiction, contemporary crime thrillers, nonfiction, and even children’s books are genres the agency enjoys working with. Some recent works by the composer include Anna Freeman’s “Five Days of Fog” and “Winter Storms.”

The best method of communicating with Oakhill Publishing is by email. Your literary agent can handle the query if your book fits their catalog.

Graphic Audio

Audiobooks based on graphic novels are produced by Graphic Audio, a division of the Cutting Corporation. Besides science fiction, fantasy, action, and post-apocalyptic stories, the movie studio specialize in thrillers. Their most recent release is “American Craftsmen by Chuck Rogers.” Other titles include “Heroes Road” and “American Slump by Todd Adams.”

Tell Graphic Audio why you think it is a good fit for your book with a query letter. You can also have your literary agent contact the editorial team on your behalf if you have representation. Furthermore, using the online contact form on Graphic Audio’s website is the best way to get them.


Harper Audio had made audiobooks since 1952, when they made their very first recording. They are a division of HarperCollins Publishers, releasing entertaining and high-quality audiobooks. Nevertheless, Harper Audio does not accept unsolicited manuscripts for titles such as “How the Duke Stole Christmas” or “The Giant’s House.” If you have a literary agent, you can send an email.

Final words

Incredibly, audiobooks are not the new technology as we see most companies producing them for a long time. However, it might not be a new trend, but the technology it encircles around today makes it rapidly thrive in the markets. The rate at which people are opting for audiobooks is tremendously increasing. We bet technology has a massive role in this.

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