7 Reasons why Book Writing is not a Walk in the Park

7 Reasons why Book Writing is not a Walk in the Park

So, you’ve decided to write a book after watching movies inspired by the works of Stephen King? Otherwise, you’re looking at “the best authors of all time” on Google. Nice! Sadly, we’re not living in the 90s when J. K. Rowling was writing Harry Potter. Those were the times when the internet was just out of its cocoon.

 Likewise, websites were still on the eggshells, while major websites like Amazon, Netscape, Vortex Technology, and milk.com were the standard. But today, things have changed drastically. Both the internet and the minds of people have revolutionized. Internet is thriving, and every one of us has the best ideas to pull an award-winning story. To say the least, each one of us has a unique philosophy that could create an imaginative spark. Sadly, it’s just a little ignition spur like a speck of dust. A full-fledged storyline is what is the decisive kick to start the bike’s engine – or your book’s full-scale escapade.

 Remember, assuming yourself as a writer the next day of you with your friends watching a flick isn’t enough. Life struggles, friendship steeplechases, sickness circuits, and abandonment are a few hard-hitting elements that the author goes through. If you’ve gone around anyone of these life-defying peculiarities, then it’s just the beginning. For instance, buying online book cover design services is easy, but creating one takes plenty of time and effort.


Hence, it’s pointless to imagine yourself on a mountain’s peak, ready to grab storylines like breezes. Writing a book isn’t a walk in the park. Instead, you have to go through immense pressure to be able to hit your ideas out of the ballpark. Below are the top 7 reasons why writing a book isn’t for everybody:



 The Wordsmith’s Valor

Becoming a book writer is like becoming a warrior. But this time, the battlefield is the paper and pen or the screen and keyboard. Have a good glare on any of these terrains you’re looking to plan your adventure as an author. Look in the eyes of the fear shrieks and snakes that diss and hiss with no mercy. Tell them you’re ready to fight them head to head – one strike on the head and one on the neck.


Don’t forget to make a non-edible snack out of them that screams. Improvise and give your final blow to get your book started. Step outside your comfort zone and win the battle in a coarse yet courageous demeanor.



 You’re a community benefactor

Remember, writers love to make new friends. They’re outgoing when it comes to giving themselves a mindful rest. However, many authors might disagree with this caption. But, you cannot become a genuine gullible public angel unless you step out. If you wish to become a good writer, then go outdoors.


Therefore, visit family, friends, and your local library to rejuvenate your thoughts with enlightenment. Besides, you can get good support from people who know you. They might also help you when it comes to publishing, marketing, and organizing book signature events.


  Humble as a Wizard with wisdom

Accept that you’re not the best writer. Not only that, but know you cannot become a good writer. It doesn’t mean you skid off your writer’s desk and hide behind the curtain. Instead, it means to keep learning new things from other eminent authors and ambitious writers. Enjoy good gatherings of writers and catch inspirations for your ongoing book or next project.



 Your unswerving commitment

When it comes to unwavering pledge, hit your best scores on the meter to complete your rough-and-ready manuscript. Remember, book writing isn’t an application to the school’s principal nor a fancy email. It’s a defying-against-all-odds resolve of your ideas, determination, spirits, and kindling hopes to become a famous author.


 Peculiarity of things attracts you

Not only you’re a writer by day and night, but curiosity is what hits you hard when you look at bizarre objects. You’re a person that can’t sleep when something’s out of place – at least in your mind. The uniqueness of things stirs your imagination, realizing ideas also flow in the same way. Thus, you’re always on the roller coaster in life with an inquisitiveness approach.



You’re an optimistic perfectionistic

Unlike looking for perfection within the world of flaws or becoming self-absorbed at all times, here’s something different. We’re talking about double-checking words, sentences, and passages as you write. Likewise, it could be anything you wish to nail in the first attempt. You’re a passionate individual who takes every iota of ink, fingertip press, and word as that last-minute bullseye shot.


 You’re a one-man-army with order

Writing a book requires thoroughness and correction when things are done incorrectly. Besides, writers don’t get carried away with their ideas and gist breezes of breakthrough concepts. They’re always looking to hush the snootiness that tends to distract them from writing a book with a soul and heart.



Final Thoughts


To conclude, book writing isn’t a walk in the park, but in a stride in a jungle against wild creatures. You have to pace up to beat the leaps of leopards and dodge the pride of lions ready to ambush. Remember, book writing isn’t a cure to unleash imaginations but a taste of their own medicine.


Practice your brains out on the notebook to make it a heartfelt story at the end of the day. Never feel down nor listen to whispers and whimpers of those trying to hold you down. Rise above and beyond to complete your book. Begin writing and have a firm belief in God. You can do it!

SEO Content: What Google Has to Say About It

SEO Content: What Google Has to Say About It

We are living in a digital world today. To thrive in the modern contemporary world, we must develop the best digital marketing strategies. Therefore, our objective is to make our business step up the ladder of success. One of the common digital marketing strategies is to work on search engine optimization.

However, SEO best practices are the tasks and strategies that help you improve a website's search rankings. It would help if you had a leading edge in adopting the best practices. For instance, standard search engine optimization, on-site optimization, research keywords, and building the website's backlinks are essential. Let us not forget the content here. It plays a crucial role in strengthening your SEO practices. Therefore, SEO writing services are prevailing in the digital landscape.

Furthermore, there are hundreds of ways to get a higher ranking on Google. It would be best to work on the strategies with utmost dedication to get things done the right way. We will talk about the ten most essential SEO practices you must understand in 2022. Let us get into the detail.

Keywords are Crucial

Keywords play an integral role in SEO strategies. Therefore, the SEO writing agency will always use the keywords in their best form in your content. However, you may also understand the importance of the location of your keyword. They make a big difference in your content, especially if you want to mention the main keyword at least once at the top of you. Keywords matter because Google adds more value to your web page's content accordingly.

Write Unique Titles, Descriptions, and Content

It is crucial to avoid duplicate content while implementing your SEO strategies. You must understand that Google dislikes the same content on your website. Therefore, you must always think of ways to write authentic content. Moreover, your content must have title tags, meta description tags, eCommerce product pages, and landing pages.

Moreover, always work on writing unique content that can positively benefit your business.

Optimize Your Tags For SEO

On-page SEO is all about your title tag. It is the key to moving forward and strengthening your strategies. Therefore, Google likes high-quality title tags on your web pages. You must work on this factor to maintain the best SEO strategies for your business.

However, you can get the most out of this factor through the front-load. It simply means you start the tag with a target keyword. It is essential because search engines pay attention to the terms incorporated in your title tags. Therefore, start your title with the keyword you want to rank for. It will be an effective strategy.

Your Sites Speed Matters

It is crucial to work on your website loading speed. After all, online users will only read the content if they successfully hop onto your website's main pages. Therefore, your website must load quickly. Moreover, you can implement effective ways to optimize the speed of your website. Follow the pointers below to understand the factors.


You must choose smaller image files so that it doesn't take time to load on your website.


The themes you choose must be lightweight. It helps in loading the site timely.

Use Lazy Loading:

This can boost your site's loading speed by 50%. When users scroll onto your website, only then do the graphics appear. Hence, it also helps in improving the UI/UX.

Track Via Google Search Console

You must understand it now if you don't know about the Google Search Console setup. A live dashboard helps you learn about the search results (SERPs). Moreover, it has some compelling features that allow you to check the report regularly. Therefore, you can check the performance of your website, its coverage, and its enhancements. Moreover, you can also consider Google's index on mobile phones.

Optimized the images

It is crucial to use images in your SEO strategy. However, you must optimize the images because it helps rank your website. Therefore, images on your page must be well-described and have a relevant keyword. It will help in elevating the SEO of your website. It would help if you relied on Alt text for the images on your site. However, it also helps in being optimized for your SEO strategies. You are all together helping you are in practicing SEO perfectly.

Go For Internal Linking

The best and easiest SEO practice is to choose internal linking. All you have to do is add a link from one of your websites to another page of your site. Therefore, when you play around with the internal links, you can boost your SEO strategy to a whole new level. However, if you want to make the most of your internal linking technique, you must keyword-rich anchor text. It helps Google understand the details on each page.

Good Content Go A long way

If you already know SEO, you must understand the importance of content. You must have high-quality content to carry forward the best SEO strategies for your business. There are specific guidelines that you must follow. For instance, your content must be original and informative. Your primary purpose is to attract potential readers to the content. Therefore, original content helps you rank higher on Google.

Moreover, it is crucial to write on relevant topics that suit your business. Apart from this, it would be best if you worked on engaging the readers so they avail themselves of your services instantly. Always keep the content reader-centric. That is the key to moving forward.

Create Backlinks to Your Site

It is crucial to create backlinks to rank better on Google. They are strongly related to achieving good Google Rankings. Therefore, you must focus on your content format and link it ideally to the website. Publishing good content will help you result better on the search engine. Moreover, you must make an angle or hook to encourage people to link their site to yours naturally. It will help in getting more readers from different businesses.

Improve the UX

User experience holds immense importance in search engines. It would help if you directly worked on making your website look great to the online users. They are going to land on your site. Therefore, the experience must be superb. Google understands which company is making efforts to improve its strategies. Hence, be smart and improve the user experience of your website. It is important!

Final Words

Google is brilliant when it comes to implementing SEO strategies. Therefore, you must have a good understanding of the likes and dislikes of Google. The tips mentioned above might help you create an effective SEO strategy for your business. So, don't miss out on them. All the best! 

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