6 Tips for Adding Text to Your Videos

Do you know video content is one of the most preferred mediums to entice the target customers? Video content is a dynamic and engaging medium to convey your message. But it is essential to express it in the right way. Now you will think how? The solution is to add text to your videos.

You can quickly skim through the videos to get an idea about something without delving into deeper details. Adding text to your videos makes them more legible, more understandable, and successful.

According to stats, 85% of Facebook videos can be watched without turning the sound on because most Facebook videos have subtitles. From adding text blocks to sleek video animations and everything between, it is evident that text can be a robust film and video production tool.

Everything you add in your video matters, whether it be images, text, or anything else. The look as well the words you have chosen to add in your video matters. When adding text to a video, it is essential to select the right font and size.

Some fonts are clear and straightforward, while some are artistic and abstract. Adding text in your videos allures more viewers to your videos, and you can increase your brand awareness using this strategy. If you are not techy and don’t know how to add text to the video, you don’t have to worry.

Most people hire affordable book trailer services for the book trailer video to turn their viewers into readers. In this web blog, you will learn six tips and tricks to add text to your videos to captivate the attention of your target audience.

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Tip# 1: Keep it concise

When adding text to your videos, it is better to keep them short and use as few words as possible. Adding a lot of text can make your video less interesting and unappealing for your viewers. Viewers find videos with less text and more visuals more attractive and engaging.

Tip# 2: Must Be Mobile Responsive

Nowadays, most people prefer to watch videos on their mobile devices rather than desktops, so make sure your text is responsive on the small screen with text color customization. You can highlight a CTA button or a limited-time offer by using different colored texts. It is better to preview your videos on mobile phones to make sure the text is equally responsive on the small screens and is easy to read.

Tip# 3: Use Titles and Subtitles

Use the title and subtitle fields to make your videos more visually appealing for your viewers. You can split the text you have added in your video between the title and subtitle fields for effect. For example, when sharing a statistic, you can put the more significant percentage in the title field and the rest of the numbers in the subtitle fields to make your videos stand out. You can also use tools that are used to add text to the videos.

Tip# 4: Add Multiple Textboxes

Sometimes adding one title and subtitle block isn’t enough to grab the attention of your target viewers. If you are looking to convey additional information, a bold statement, or a descriptive disclaimer, you must add multiple text boxes to make your video more appealing for your viewers.

Adding multiple textboxes will highlight every block in the video. It gives a dramatic drop shadow effect to your text in the video, whether it be emphasizing keywords or creating an artistic design around your images in the videos with title and subtitle spread out.

There are multiple templates in the video maker tools to add multiple text boxes to your videos. You can customize the text in the templates to entice your target viewers.

Tip# 5: Keep Your Font Size Consistent

Try to keep your font size consistent because varying text size makes your video less appealing and distractive for your viewers. You can use numerical font size controls to make sure your font size is the same size throughout the video.

You can choose a specific font size for your title and one size for your subtitles, such as 14 font sizes for your title and 12 font size for the subtitles, and keep it consistent throughout. It will make your title more prominent in the text.

Tip# 6: It Must Be Legible

Last but not least, make sure your text is legible for your target viewers in the video. It must be clear and readable for your audience; otherwise, they will lose interest. Use text, images, and graphics layout to design an attractive and easy-to-read text block.

Besides that, another critical aspect in adding text is text justification. You can use video maker tools to justify and align your text in the videos. It is better to preview your videos after adding text so you can check the font size, alignment, and readability of your text.

It’s a Wrap

Adding text to your video makes it more fathomable for your customers, and they can easily understand what your video is all about. Nowadays, most people prefer to watch videos rather than to read the content.

Since video content captivates the attention of your target viewers and can optimize your conversion rates, it keeps your target audience hitched for long hours on your website. Add text to your videos to make them more understandable and enticing for your customers.


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