5 tips to make engaging video book trailers

Ever thought of turning your book into a video trailer?

The video book trailer services are getting a lot of hype, in the competitive markets. Let us first tell you why a video book trailer is made.

It is one of the unique tools used in the world, to maximize your own fan following. Since graphical representations easily gets registered in the mind, the authors swiftly started moving towards video book trailer approach. It is one of the most successful marketing tools to promote your book.

You must know the fact that audiences love what they see. The way a book cover attracts the readers, the same way an enticing trailer, of the same book would do wonders. Upgrading is the new norm of being in this tech-driven world and video book trailer is one of the upgrades!

If you are an author who wants to set yourself apart in the competitive marketplace then you should keep on reading this article.

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Create the hook

A hook is what will attract your readers towards the unique book you are launching. You should be able to define your hook in a small phrase. Don’t forget to keep it short, expressive and effective.

Without that one insightful incident your trailer might look flat, don’t go for a flatter approach in the trailer. Show the trailer as it is an upcoming grand book. While creating a hook, you don’t need to summarize the whole story, one small scene can personify the book you are launching.


The length of a trailer should be concise and engaging at the same time. Long trailers often loose interest of the audience, so make sure you keep it moderate. A trailer should be around 30 second to one minute.

You need to plan your changes in a way that it could give a good glimpse of the story in a limited time frame. These jobs are perfectly catered through a professional ghostwriting agency. You can always consult a ghostwriting service provide to get your tasks streamlined and that too without overburdening yourself.


Graphics play their role even in the subconscious minds of the audience. One of the perks of creating a video book trailer is that you get a free hand to express yourself. You can always use powerful graphics to get attention. Make sure you don’t overuse the graphics; you still have a time-frame to abide by. Your graphics, be it a video, picture of any element that you want to incorporate should be used in high-quality. Good quality videos are always appreciated by the audience.

Moreover, talking on the technical part your video book trailer should not include characters. Readers create an imaginary character while reading the book and this might be like a spoiler for them.

Music and audio

After graphics, audio plays a vital role in engaging the viewers. Your book trailer created with images and text requires some background music or maybe some dialogues. This trick can be a plus if you utilize it smartly.

Make sure you choose the audio that is fitting the storyline and creating another hook amongst the audiences. You can also choose an audio according to the theme and location of the story. A setting tone always creates an impact and that is what will make your book trailer stand out.

Post production

One you are done with the pre-production and production part, you will now proceed towards your video book trailer’s post production.

Post-production is the most crucial and important process. Well, you wouldn’t want to ruin the trailer by losing the motivation in its final stage.

The editing approach you have is what the audiences will see, make sure your post production part is done with perfection!

The correct use of text animation, audio syncing, and voice over- everything needs to be spot on. Don’t risk the process and consult a ghostwriting company for your guidance. There are thousands of ghostwriting services that would love to take some of your burdens away. Once you are done with post-production, your book trailer is ready to be launched!

Final words

All in all, the book video trailer tool is competitive and will let your book get the limelight it always wanted to be in. Make sure you follow the tips to produce a box outcome. Good luck

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