5 Lead Magnets to attract Fiction Readers

5 Lead Magnets to attract Fiction Readers

As the name suggests, ‘magnets’ help attract customers (book readers) to read your book. They’re like those pay-per-click ads we throw on our websites or improvise our content with likewise attention-grabbing CTAs. But as far as lead magnets are concerned, they’re always in the role. It means you’re constantly using them and modifying them accordingly. 


 Surprisingly, we’ll be discussing lead magnets involving fiction books. Isn’t it awesome to see similar sauces blend? Such a mixture will surely increase the alluring effects? Please do not confuse these call-to-action prompts and the PPC clickers you use for advertising campaigns. Lead magnets are on a different level in terms of their pluses. Yes, you heard it right! The incentives are for both parties – seller and buyer.


 Furthermore, lead magnets are a great way to sway customers for their personal information. Name, age, gender, nationality, mobile number, and occupation are a few popular bio data you collect from them. CTAs, PPCs, and other business prompts only tempt users for clicks. But the lead magnets are based on a give-and-take outlook. They guarantee the users bonuses in return for their demographics. For instance, fiction ghostwriters provide chapter openings to beta readers in return for their statistics.


 Some famous examples of traditional lead magnets are right on the money if done right. These include a monthly newsletter, user subscriptions, giveaways, fun events, free samples, and free consultations. However, every business' nature differs from one another. They also vary due to the diverse nature of online business and eCommerce brands. Therefore, lead magnets are available in different shapes and sizes. Below are some excellent lead magnet examples for writers offering fiction ghostwriting services to people:



Apply the ‘Book Previewing’ Technique

Ad-lib your story with an exciting book blurb. You don’t need to do anything except share your chapter openings, primary plot passages, character backstory, etc. Just showcase your exemplary writing talents to the world – the enthusiastic readers. Enlighten your target audiences with some fantastic spine-chilling reading pieces. Let them know that you’re not only writing a book but crafting a literary masterpiece.


 Sway your readers with creative charisma

Hope for the best to sway the readers with your spellbinding writings. Make sure you infuse the right words into them. Make sure your passages sound like conversation and run like water, i.e., readers skim through them effortlessly.


Adding creativity and impressive ingenuity helps you create a lead magnet that’s robust and poignantly remarkable. Besides, people love to read stories that edify vividness, valor, and vision. Please do not fall steeply into the rabbit hole, but keep the momentum going with high-spiritedness. You can also add plot turning points, story twists, and nail-biting cliffhangers.


 Activate the ‘Storytelling’ mode

Please note that your book is the primary magnet of all the leads. So, take it into confidence, and never forget to put it into the limelight. Other stars of the show and spotlight are your captivating storytelling skills.


Additionally, you can improvise by infusing the narrative tenor in your talks, comments, messages, etc. We hope you’re getting the point here. You can storify your daily conversations, social chitchats, and, ironically, your verbal bouts. Just move ahead with a full-on author’s approach.

  Use Audio-visual Method

Converting text into an interactive voiceover medium is a treat for the reader’s eye. If your story is worth the read, you can only imagine what the acoustics and visuals can have in the bag for you. It’s also one of those lead magnets that attract hundreds and thousands of readers every day. Transfiguring words with artwork and the narrator’s voice is truly magical. Besides, it is becoming a hit trend alongside downloadable digital books – eBooks.  

 Think outside the box

If creativity is your comfort zone, it’s unthinkable what stepping out can do for a book in terms of lead magnets. Envisage your creativity and gripping writing talents to pull off inspired lead magnets that attract bookworms. These eye-catching devices are all about your larger-than-life philosophies that influence readers. Hence, visualize the best ideas you can invent in your ingenious minds. Adios!


Fiction is a sell-defined world that manifests through your creative spark. Your inspiring imaginations produce your ideas and concepts, so expect goodness in them. You can befriend readers who read your book but, at the same time, tempt your audience with lead magnets. Some universally accepted ones include the Hollywood method, Van Goh method, Seer method, and Insider’s Secret Method.


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