12 Writing Services to Offer as a Beginner + Examples!

Do you think you are limited to writing blogs and articles only?

Since the world is driven by technology, competition has gotten fierce. Techniques which were not utilized in the earlier days have also become competitive now. Who knew writing could have so many inter-linked domains?

Writing is not just limited to blogs and articles, over the time a lot more meaning has been added to it. Let’s put the key to your lock and unlock all the amazing writing services, for you as a beginner!

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Copywriter for Facebook ads

You must be thinking how hard could a Facebook ad be?

Well, there is a specific way which needs to be followed to accomplish certain tasks. Facebook advertisements are different. They have a promotional tone depicting the qualities and details about the products and services.

Social media has gained the hype and popularity over the years and social media marketing has achieved a leading edge in the marketing business. Regular postings, story postings and promotional postings are extremely important

A person who can write concise and engaging content will always be preferred for this task and its again a well-paid job for the beginners.


Writing content for others as an anonymous person is what these services are famous for. There are numerous types of ghostwriting services such as guest postings, audiobook production or story-telling (fiction or non-fiction) .

Audiobook ghostwriting can be made fun if you are a musician, you can either go for rap or some soft lyrics, which depends on your preferences. There are millions of audiobook production companies out there that must be hiring ghostwriters for themselves.


Transcribing video content to a written form is also a great option for the beginners. All you have to do is, listen to the audio, understand the video and just quote down the actions.


Documentations require fixtures, some require rephrasing while the others require grammatical changes. If you are a beginner and you are good at editing documents then you should definitely opt for this beginner writing services.


Do you think you can be a good revisor? A good revisor is always capable to proof-read the documentations with utmost dedication. Proof-reading can be another opportunity for you if you are a beginner in writing.

Product description

Writing Product descriptions is another most interesting writing services. It is sweet and concise. If a brand is ready to launch a couple of products together, all you have to do is highlight the best features in the products and you are good to go. Product description is totally different from web landing pages content. Make sure you keep it short and concise.

Website content

Visitors often land on your website to understand the products and services you are offering. Website content plays a vital role in making your visitors into buyers. Make sure you know how to write engaging, short and creative website content. This is again a great writing service for the beginners.

Resume writing

Most people do not know how to write resumes for their job recruitment. Who would know better about you than yourself? Well, writers are hired to write resume for you in a suitable manner. This is a writing opportunity for beginners along with a great learning experience as well. Resume writing calls for aligning, accommodation and management of work experiences in an interesting way that it impresses the readers as well. Make sure you follow the trick for placing the data in hierarchy.


Newsletters are a part of email marketing and most of your loyal customers who are linked with you through an email waits for the personalized newsletters coming their way.

Newsletter and email tone need to be subtle and enticing at the same time.


Be it a business meeting or a university project, you require a presentation format to make your ideas look out of the box. Presentations play a key role and automatically gives you a bonus point for looking presentable.


What if someone wants to watch a trending show but it has a language barrier? A simple solution to this is to give subtitles. There are writing services in the field of subtitles as well. Understanding the language is the core.

Email outreach

Some brands believe in email outreach which is a method to coldly invite consumers to the products and services. This is an on-going technique since the inception of other marketing techniques. Perhaps, writing content for email outreach is a great initiative for beginners to start their writing journey from.

Final Words

The top twelve writing services are perfect for the beginners to start with. Having a grip on each one of them will automatically enhance their chance to thrive and shine in the competitive market

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