10 Freelance Writing Skills You Need to Succeed

10 Freelance Writing Skills You Need to Succeed

Unquestionably, freelance jobs are the best as you’re entitled to earn more than in a corporate environment. There are various freelancing fields, and each individual’s professional skills differ. But the best part for us is that we’re writers, and there’s a solid reason freelancing writing dominates the market. Look, there are several industries and niches in the freelance domain. But astonishingly, each of them necessitates lettering in one way or another.

Do not feel excited yet because not every freelance writer is the winner. A writer must have certain qualities, traits, and merits to stand out from the crowd. Therefore, endorse these whether you’re a blogger, article writer, SEO content writer, copywriter, or scriptwriter. This particular skillset includes ‘soft skills’ and ‘hard skills.’

Learn the Hard Skills and Soft Skills of Writing first

So, what’s the main difference between these two different skills? Why are they crucial for freelance writers, and what does it take to acquire them? Below is some good understanding for both of them:

Writing Hard Skills

These primarily consist of teaching and calculative aptitudes. Hard skills signify professionals who perform their jobs outstandingly while nailing specific tasks. For instance, creative writing services are the best for freelancers to earn good profits. These skills are the mission statements and often subject matter that requires on-the-spot learning rather than intuitive skills.

Best writing hard skills for freelance writing and copywriting include:

  • Programming expertise and coding skills to design websites.
  • Being able to create, modify, and manage a WordPress page for clients.
  • File sharing and image sharing softwares and platforms know-how.
  • Know how to use keywords and SEO skills for ranking websites.
  • Proper skills to store, balance, and upkeep accounting and payroll records.
  • Have ample knowledge of plentiful computer programs.
  • Good expertise in various software and hardware maneuver.
  • Measure, manage and monitor growth, customer reach, ROI returns, and other metrics.
  • Above all, keeping a strong focus on their freelancing writing career with a sound mind.

Writing Soft Skills

These are the most even-tempered skills any freelance writer can absorb in a few days. Besides, soft skills have to do more with one’s personality, innate professional attitude, and interpersonal skills. These apt competencies indicate one’s ability to perform tasks better and effectively.

The best soft skills for freelance writers are  as below:

  • Ability to follow directions in one go with clear concepts in mind.
  • Cooperative and good-naturedly interactive with people in a polite manner.
  • Creative and critical thinking for the reasoning of things under immense workload pressure.
  • Can remain calm and sound during stressful situations.
  • Ability to contain oneself with dignified composure while taking clients’ disapproval as constructive criticism.
  • Trustworthy and work faster to send exceptional deliverables well before the allotted deadlines.

Common Hard and Soft Skills for Freelance Writers

While soft and hard skills are the most prevalent types of freelance writing skills, there’s more to them. Every creative writing company ensures that freelance candidates have these traits in them. Below are some general hard skills and soft skills:

Work Management: Since many freelance writers are sole proprietors and business owners, thus, they must know about record-keeping, management, and other essential work routine duties.

Time Wise Resourceful: Freelancing enables individuals to make the most of their time. They’re the ones to choose which time suits best to work for them. Hence, they have the freedom to adjust their work schedules with leisure time. They become wiser and work-effective in due course.

Team Coordination: Teamwork is the soul of freelancers working together with full determination. It is necessary to execute the best outcomes and reach clients’ expectations.

Connecting with Professionals: Creating a network full of other professional freelance writers is vital to keeping one’s source and reference running.

Self-promotion: Freelance writers should know how to promote their work online using different platforms. Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are the most popular social media channels for marketing freelancing services.

Writing-oriented Freelance Skills

Now let’s talk about some of the most popular writing skills for freelance writers. You can take one or two from the list and excel in them. Confirm any course of action you take, nail it, and become the best expert on it:

Content Writing

Your English writing skills should be up to the mark with a will to learn more if you wish to become a good content writer. Also, it is one of the remote writers’ most popular types of freelance writing.

Editing and Proofreading

You must have good cross-checking skills to polish your writings to perfection. After content writing, enhance your editing and proofreading skills.

Social Media Posts & Pitches

Have an up-to-the-minute personality and stay up to date by posting regularly on social media. You must be proactive on Facebook and Twitter if you wish to attract more clients.

Typing Speed

You must have decent typing skills to make your name in the freelancing marketplace. Remember to check your WPM (words per minute) regularly to see signs of typing speed improvement.

Content Management

Freelance writers should have the expertise to efficiently handle content management systems (CMS). After all, some clients request WordPress page maintenance services from writers.

Excellent Writing Skills

Hone your writing skills to the next level if you wish to take your freelance writing career skyward. Easy word usage, shorter sentences, tone, the flow of content, and creativity are a few elements you must take seriously.

Scrupulous Grammar Skills

Besides having meticulous writing skills, ensure you have a deft hand on English grammar. Regardless of your writing style and the industry you work for, your subject matter must be impressively immaculate. Therefore, having good grammar skills can help you maintain your language flow correctness and composure.

Final Words

Freelance writing skills don’t end up on paper or screens but tend to progress with more proficient abilities. Thus, keep up with more work proficiencies to become better writers. They must have insightful research skills, basic SEO know-how, and good communication skills. Let’s not forget they should be dexterous while double-checking their works. Last but not least, knowing how to format your content to perfection holds utmost importance.

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